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David Isabirye, Nsaka University and Africa Rising - My guest today is one of the first generation of Ugandans to graduate Yale University where he attended the same time as the Clintons. He is the founder and managing director of Nsaka university. Professor Isabirye has a vision of building a functional knowledgeable and skilled generation with a goal of becoming a completely green university utilizing wind , solar and bio gas energy thereby reducing the destruction of increasingly forest reserves in Uganda. The scope of today's conversation covers demographics, environment, organic agribusiness, investment opportunities, China's infrastructure building in East Africa, possibilities for Diaspora investors to come in, linking African colleges with HBCU's, the vast export potential in Uganda products, and many other aspects of economic and industrial growth for Uganda and the critical role that Blacks in the U.S.for future investment and development. (LIBMP3-3845)



Agri-Business Presentation for the Africa Trade Link Expo - How can Afri-Amers position themselves as key partners and agents for an anticipated tripling of Sub-Saharan agribusiness expansion in the next 15 years? This will require a set of strategic partnerships and actions that take advantage of multiple trends happening in the world economy today.

The Sun is Rising in the East and African agriculture presents a wonderful promise for sustainable development, wealth production and expanding markets for our acquired skills sets.

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Keidi Awadu - The New Scramble for Africa - The Conscious Rasta Shares a chapter excerpt from the upcoming Report: EBOLA, AMERICA AND THE GRAND CHESSBOARD. Our focus today is on the current race to control, dominate and exploit Africa's rapidly developing economic transformation. In particular we look at America's three current top priorities to maintain access to African governance. As well, we take a close look at the future of African agriculture, which has potential to become the new "breadbasket of the world", a fact which is not lost to toxic agri-chemical industries.

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SCAMMING YOUR ROOTS: The Fraud of DNA Ancestry Testing - For more than 15 years I have spoken out against the fraud of DNA ancestry testing. Today I will lay out a definitive case why I refuse to engage in the practice or accept its outcome as legitimate. "When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer." - Stevie Wonder.

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Who's Out There? Finding the Right Collaborative Partners for Global Engagement - Networking circles exist throughout circles of self-empowerment. Rather than just being members of such circles, we can bring immense value to these circles by providing access to mass communication, but viable solution-based dialogues as well. While so many of these networks have amassed powerful themes around which their activities have become centered, lack of access to the type of mass media which fuels powerful organizations of the nation’s established leadership hierarchy has hindered our group’s access to larger audiences and the type of support and funding which their strategic initiatives require for success. There is a huge communications gap which, when filled by the mainstream corporate press, too often fails to energize autonomous progressive forces, African Americans and transnational cooperation and collaboration.


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