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Live streaming video by Ustream
Live streaming video by Ustream;

You can call in during our live broadcasts via our BlogTalkRadio line at 646.716.9835 or 702.823.5185
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Additional streams are availabe for smart phones and tablet devices at
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Real Media Player - http://www.serverroom.net/asx/listen606134.m3u
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Today is the first day of the December 2016 Fund Drive to support the continued work of LIBRadio, LIBtv, Black Star Media Global, the Conscious Rasta Press and Africa Destiny. Your contributions have been the life blood for this group for nearly 14 years. Yes, I carry the weight of most of the expenses. Yet, I could never have persisted for so long if not for the generosity, commitment and investment of you who believe in this multiple-award-winning communications channel.

There are those who never believed in our mission when we first launched in 2002. We have persisted through many storms, attacks from our enemies, financial recession and progressive burnouts. We will continue to survive and thrive because you believe in our mission. For you and for this destiny we are grateful.

We will have lots of bonuses for all who contribute to our ongoing success. UBUNTU - I AM because WE are. Together we are an undefeatable force. Use the following link to make your contribution today. Ashe-Yooooo!

You can make your donation on the first day of the month-long drive. You will get some really nice bonuses and the knowledge that you are investing in culturally conscious communications that can and DO transform many lives.

SF_SThe Repairing - We will begin shipping the new book on December 16, 2016. - Within this master blueprint for current and future Reparation, we can assure that our prosperity will expand without limitation. We can create more balanced and harmonic relations within family and community, help our people overcome habits which have led too many of us into chronic poverty, illness and injustice. This plan will further our sense of pride and direct investment in the economic fate of our African homeland, causing Pan African engagement to increase immensely. We will gift all black children with a future society will more prosperous than that into which they were born. This is my lifetime tour-de-force. Now we can say with pride, we do have a great plan and it will work.

You can support our printing crowdfunding effort at www.GoFundMe.com/TheRepairingBook and get some really great bonuses.

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